About the Network

What We Do – Helping Business

The Myanmar Sustainable Business Network is an initiative by Myanmar SEEDS, a Swiss nonprofit association with Myanmar local headquarters in Bagan. The purpose of this project is to collect information about responsible businesses and institutions operating in Myanmar in one place and easily searchable. Our goal is to support social enterprises and ethical businesses by promoting a network and supply chain development to strengthen domestic capacity within Myanmar and connections with global partners.

We provide advice and support to help business and development organizations succeed through becoming more sustainable. Wherever you are on your journey to more resilient, socially and environmentally responsible profit, we can help.

We help our members:

  • Collaborate, network and learn at our regular events.
  • Access our extensive bank of practical tools and resources.
  • Get expert sustainability advice and insights.
  • Find answers to the complex problems you can’t solve alone.
  • Access our network to help scale and speed up your market-led solutions.
  • Take a leadership role in our projects.

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The Myanmar Sustainable Business Directory is provided by Myanmar SEEDS. Visit their website or facebook page for more information.